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Posted on Oct 18, 2022
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Guys, if you're looking at the several "flavors" of Dove MEN+Care Bar Soap, and I have tried them all, let me be the one to tell you that this is not only the best of the lot but, at least for me, the ONLY choice. Why? It's the only one which has a scent that does not smell like some overpowering cologne from the '70s! And, if you're wondering, my feeling about this includes the newest of the Dove Men soaps, SKIN DEFENSE Antibacterial, which is as bad the rest. I have been using the Extra Fresh for years and the scent is not only light, it's actually great smelling, kind of refreshing, and the odor it leaves in your bathroom is mild if nonexistent. All of the other Dove Men soap bar options leave your bathroom smelling like their scent, which gets sickening very quickly. (Just realized, there is ONE I haven't tried, the Charcoal & Clay, but that product does not appeal to me anyway, I do not need a charcoal-infused soap. Reviews onits scent are very mixed — some like, some don't, but there are enough I've read that say it's another overpowering scent and more than one said it reminds them of something grandma would have, and that's enough for me to avoid it.) One more thing: I don't know about other Dove products or other products from its manufacturer, Unilever, but at least with this Dove Men's product, they list it as "cruelty-free" on the package with the bunny insignia. Very good thing and I hope that sets an example for other corporate giants who make health & beauty products because you usually only find that on small manufacturers like Toms Of Maine.