Prevent breakouts with a homemade makeup brush cleaner.

Applying makeup should not cause breakouts. However, when brushes aren't cleaned regularly, applying makeup could do more harm than good. Dirty brushes can harbor bacteria that can transfer to the skin and cause acne breakouts.

Not only are dirty bristles bad for skin, but they are also rough on the brushes. Over time, makeup residue can destroy the fibers. Therefore, clean, well-kept brushes will last longer than those that are not regularly washed.

Clean bristles also work better than dirty ones. Brushes with a heavy buildup prevent powders from scattering evenly across the face. Makeup goes on more evenly when it's applied with clean bristles.

To keep skin clear, protect the quality of brushes, and promote even powder application, makeup brushes should be cleaned every one to two weeks. Use a homemade solution to clean and disinfect brushes.



  1. Place alcohol, olive oil, soap, and tea tree oil in an 8-ounce glass bottle. Stir or swirl to combine.
  2. Add the water. Shake the jar to mix the ingredients thoroughly.
  3. Store the mixture in the jar.
  4. Shake the cleaner before each use.
  5. To clean makeup brushes, pour some cleaner into a shallow dish. Swish a brush in the cleaner, but make sure that the water level does not rise above the spot where the bristles attach to the brush. Point the brush downward while rinsing it with clear water. Squeeze the bristles gently, and lay the brush flat to dry.